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Another Clinton for President?

According to the mainstream media, Hillary WILL be the Democratic nominee. In fact, they have been telling us that since her campaign began a year ago.

But will she?

The Democratic National Committee and mainstream media certainly want us to believe that she will.

She clearly has the backing of her party and a great many wealthy, powerful people and organizations.

So, let's look at what the planets might have to say about it.

Hillary Diane Rodham (Clinton) was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, placing her Sun in early Scorpio.

She also has Chiron, Venus, Mercury and the Lunar South Node in Scorpio. That really is A LOT of Scorpio energy.

With the exception of her Sun, all of Clinton's Scorpio planets are in the most challenging relationship possible (90 degree angle, called a 'square') with Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Leo in her birthchart.

What does that mean?

This planetary pattern indicates an individual who is extremely ambitious and whose desire for power is so overwhelming that they will say and do anything to achieve their goals. It is difficult to overstate this because there is really no sign in the zodiac that can be as intense, determined and potentially ruthless as Scorpio. Though they may not show it, Scorpios typically thrive on drama and the more intense life is the more alive they feel. Scorpio tends to be an "all or nothing" sign.

This Scorpio-Leo square also suggests a core drive to prove that she can outsmart, outfight, outdo any man, and that the motivation for this intensely powerful drive is a deep, subconscious wound (represented by Venus-Chiron in conflict with Mars-Pluto).

Each of the planets is named after one of the Roman gods of mythology.

Venus was the goddess of love and beauty and we use her astrological glyph to represent the feminine. The glyph for Mars is used for the masculine. You will recognize these two symbols in Secretary Clinton's chart below, and the red line between them indicates that these two planets are at war, so it is as if she has her own battle of the sexes raging internally.

Chiron was the wisest of the Centaurs, a god who taught the healing arts but was wounded by a poisoned arrow he himself created (for one of the famous Labours of Hercules). Chiron could not heal himself from his self-inflicted wound, but being immortal he could not die. Thus he became a symbol of the 'wounded healer'. In the chart, Chiron indicates the area of our deepest, most difficult-to-heal wounds.

Pluto was 'Lord of the Underworld'. Great wealth and power are associated with this planet, as are all types of hidden and underground/underworld activities. Pluto also lends his name to 'plutocracy' and 'plutonium', giving us clues to the kind and degree of power associated with this planetary energy. To some extent these qualities are also associated with Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules.

Mars is named after the god of war and prior to the discovery of Pluto in 1929, Mars was the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

So, in Hillary Clinton's chart, her Venus is bound to Chiron and both are in conflict with Mars-Pluto, creating what psychologists would refer to as a 'complex'.

Scorpios will certainly not back down from a fight, though they will often use manipulation and underhanded means to win. This sign will fight most fiercely if they feel emotionally wounded.

Over the years, I have often heard the phrase “Scorpios don't get mad, they get even”, beware the angry Scorpio!

Pluto was in Leo from the end of 1939 until the end of 1957 (it takes 248 years to complete one round through the zodiac). The Pluto in Leo generation is most often referred to as 'the baby boomers' or the 'me' generation and there is an association of the sign with youthfulness (either childishness or childlike qualities) and the ego's need to be the centre of attention.

Leo, whose symbol is the Lion, 'King of the Beasts', is associated with royalty and so there can often be a strong sense of entitlement, an ego need to 'reign supreme' when this sign is prominent.

We see some of these Leo traits in Donald Trump with his Mars in Leo right on his Leo Ascendant, but we will look at his chart in a separate article. (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama both are Leos. Interesting to note that Bill's Sun is in the same degree as Trump's Mars, while Obama's Sun is very near Hillary's incendiary Mars-Pluto.)

The animal symbol for Scorpio is, of course, the scorpion, which tends to live in burrows under the ground and is often feared because of its poisonous stinger. The Lion roars, but the Scorpion is silent.

Both Leo and Scorpio do have many positive qualities. Any sign can be expressed in positive or negative ways and, nobody, including Hillary Clinton, is all 'good' or 'bad'....just human.

However, when planets are squaring each other, they often tend to display the more exaggerated and negative qualities because of the inner conflict (and insecurity) that the square describes. The quality of the sign is expressed through the planets in that sign, according to the desires, urges, needs represented by the planet.

Both Leo and Scorpio are 'fixed' signs, meaning they have a quality of stubbornness. Both signs can be dramatic, Leo to get attention, Scorpio for the emotional intensity.

The square that links Hillary's Chiron-Venus in Scorpio with her Mars-Pluto in Leo signifies deeply entrenched patterns involving all the themes of those planets and signs mentioned above. This aspect pattern is the most outstanding feature of Clinton's chart and has the potential to blow up on her with the power of an atomic bomb.

According to a few sources there was a recorded birth time of 8:02 am, which would mean that Clinton also has Scorpio rising, placing all of those Scorpio planets in her 12th house.

Traditionally, in Astrology the 12th house is associated with self-undoing, sacrifice, karma, secrets, hospitals and institutions of confinement or imprisonment.

The 12th house is often seen as hidden weaknesses or forces in ourselves which undermine the realization of our conscious goals and objectives. In other words, the unconscious drives and compulsions represented by the 12th house planets can thwart our conscious aims because in any contest between conscious aims and unconscious drives, the unconscious generally wins.

The closest, most exact aspect in Hillary's chart is the square between her Mercury (having to do with communications and documents of all kinds) in secretive Scorpio, and Saturn (associated with authorities, rules and hard lessons) in Leo. These two planets really form part of the pattern already mentioned above, adding even more complexity to this already complex and tense internal dynamic.

The Secretary is undoubtedly an extremely brilliant woman and has excelled academically throughout her life. This would be expected, as there is a tendency to overcompensate with this Mercury-Saturn combination. It indicates a drive to prove that you are more intelligent, clever and knowledgeable than anyone else.

I believe it this the key pattern of planets in Scorpio-Leo that is going to be Hillary Clinton's undoing.

At the end of this month (April 28, 2016), Mercury turns retrograde in Taurus, exactly opposite her natal Mercury. This follows on the heels of the Scorpio Full Moon on the 22nd which was at the exact degree of her natal Sun.

Mercury will then retrace its steps, backing up to stop and turn direct in an exact square to her natal Mars-Pluto in Leo. That will be within a day of the next Full Moon (May 21) in Sagittarius when the Moon will be right over her natal Jupiter along with retrograde Mars.

Mars has been in Sagittarius since the beginning of March and turned retrograde there on April 17th. At its core, Sagittarius (and its ruler, Jupiter) is about the quest for truth and Mars will be retracing his steps, aggressively searching for truth as it moves gradually back through Sagittarius until the end of May.

On May 27th, Mars retreats all the way back into Scorpio, right up to Clinton's natal Mercury and South Lunar Node (a point associated with Karma) before turning direct on the 29th of June.

This will be just one month before the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

With the very significant transits from both Mars and Mercury so strongly and precisely triggering that enormously powerful square in Secretary Clinton's natal chart, it is almost as if the planets are trying to shine a spotlight on it.

All of this leads me to believe that the FBI investigation will get more intense and that any Scorpio secrets she might be hiding may well begin to come to light before the convention.

As the convention begins on July 25th, Mercury will be right over Clinton's Natal Saturn in Leo, exactly square natal Mercury, with Venus, also in Leo, moving over her Mars-Pluto, squaring natal Venus-Chiron.

Again, that key square in her chart, like a ticking bomb, will be triggered once again. It will be a continuation, and possibly a culmination, of whatever has happened during the Mercury and Mars retrogrades beginning now in April.

With her Pisces Moon, Secretary Clinton may just proclaim herself a victim and try to make it seem like it is all to keep a woman from becoming President. She may even believe that.

Natal Venus-Chiron-Mercury in Scorpio squaring the Mars-Pluto-Saturn in Leo suggests to me that much of her life has been about a deep drive to prove her worth. This pattern seems to describe a deep, unconscious resentment and rage at being born a woman....her deepest wound.

To me, this deep unconscious wounding would certainly explain her obsessive drive to prove herself superior. What better place to do that than in the male dominated field of politics?

Public figures are human beings just like you and me. The difference is that their deep personal wounds often become larger than life because of their public position.

I don't believe that Hillary Clinton is a bad person. I do believe that, like so many of us, she has some deep psychological wounding, which motivates her to act in ways that can have devastating repercussions.

Unfortunately, because of her powerful position, those repercussions may have affected a great many people and the fallout for her may be enormous.

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