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Astrological consultations may be scheduled in-person, or via phone or Skype. When contacting for astrological services, please include the following:


  • In-person or distance session (distance sessions must be paid in advance)

  • First and last name; date, location, and exact time of birth (or closest known approximate time)

  • City/province (state) of residence and time zone

  • Potential appointment dates and times

  • Any specific questions you may have regarding your birth chart / reason for session

  • For relationship charts - there will be three charts: each individual and a composite chart


A copy of your birth chart will be provided for the consultation, or prior to the consultation via email for distance sessions.  An audio recording will also be provided for in-person sessions.



one hour session $125.


90 minute session $180.


Relationship session $200

To Schedule an appointment or for more information please contact me:

250.388.7905   or

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