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"Thank you so much! I slept better than I have for months, and my stools are close to normal today, for the first time in months as well! Wow!" 

~ (distance client after very first BodyTalk session)

Healing Without Boundaries

Distance sessions operate via the intent of the practitioner and person receiving the session.


Because both people hold the intention of healing happening at that time, the energy is received just the same as it would be for an in-person session.


Distance healing can be done for any person, anywhere in the world! The person receiving the energy may lie or sit in a comfortable position for the duration of the session, or simply carry on about their day.


Distance sessions are equally as effective as in-person sessions, with some people claiming to feel the effects of distance healing sessions even more intensely.


I provide feedback and follow-up consultation via phone or email for those receiving individual distance sessions.

Experience a Distance Session

To facilitate your Distance Session I will need you to complete and return

the Health and Wellbeing Form along with a recent photo.


Once I have that information we can set up a time to review the form or discuss your intention for the session ...learn more

What are the Benefits?

  • You can stay comfortably at home, or carry on about your day, saving time and eliminating some driving stress

  • It can prepare you for surgery and help post-op by speeding recovery

  • If you are ill or incapacitated, you do not have to venture out

  • It can be performed in emergency situations no matter where you are

  • It can be used on anyone, anywhere in the world

  • Young children can remain in the security of home and do not have to sit or lie still

  • It can be performed on pets

  • It can be performed on groups (families, sports teams, workplace teams, common interest groups, etc)

Distance Session Process:

  • email session request

  • download this form

  • complete form and send with payment and photo

  • review form/intention for session via skype/phone

  • each session is performed at optimal time

  • Receive an email with the session notes or audio recording



More about distance sessions here


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