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I am really looking forward to more treatments. My hands, by the way, are fantastic!! I am so thrilled to be able to use them and have no pain. I have been doing hard work like gardening, planting, cooking (of course), heavy cleaning and helped with a move, packing and hauling boxes around. I am so grateful to you for your tremendous healing powers.


~ Vanessa vonShellwitz, Victoria, B.C.

The dental visit was amazing! I was way less apprehensive than usual, I was even breathing deeply during the procedure, and I didn’t feel any pain. That is most amazing to me since—as time went on—I’ve had several gum-line fillings, which have become a painful & stressful issue. As well, in the last few years, even when I’ve had freezing (twice even a double-freezing!) I’ve still felt the pain & certainly the drilling. This time I didn’t even feel the needles go in & I felt no pain whatsoever during the entire procedure. This is incredible to me. As well, (you won’t be surprised, but I was), there was almost no “recovery” time. I felt good when the procedure (3 fillings, by the way) was over & the gums & nerves took no time at all to recover.

Thank you! Thank you! I’ve told others about this amazing experience with BodyTalk...Thanks so much for all the work you do, for so many people, with all of these amazing healing techniques, Jill....”


~ E. Sainte-Marie


"I had a very sore lower back. It all started after a choir performance I was singing in. We stand for quite a while and by the time it was over my lower back had decided that it was going to give me a very hard time. That performance was on a Friday night and I was in bed for the weekend, missing the performance the next evening, on Saturday. On Monday, I was able to get an appointment with Jill to see what could be done. We went through the Body Talk session and by the time I got up from the table the pain was virtually gone and my range of movement had increased 100%. A little tenderness remained but that disappeared by the next day, and I was able to move freely, pain free. And that is quite remarkable! Thank you Jill.”


~ Louise Pile, Nanaimo, BC 

"I was introduced to BODYTALK by a group of yoga friends who had taken Jill Kirby’s BODYTALK ACCESS workshop and I registered for the workshop a month or so later. When I took the course I was very impressed with Jill. She gave an excellent workshop.

For about two years from the workshop, I was becoming increasingly sicker (had not been using the Access techniques after taking the class). After a physician analysis, I was diagnosed with some pretty serious illnesses. I was sent to an internist and in spite of all the medications recommended by the Doctors, I couldn’t make myself take them because there were some pretty serious side effects. The cure being worse than the disease.

I decided that I would try doing ACCESS more seriously (so retook the course) and also decided that I might benefit from a regular BodyTalk session, so I called Jill and set up an appointment. After about six months (doing the Access regularly and receiving BodyTalk sessions every two or three weeks), I was beginning to feel better and each appointment I could actually pinpoint changes in myself – mentally, emotionally and physically. The actual release of pain in specific areas of the body was what really amazed me.

One appointment, I told Jill that I was on my way for my annual physical and that I would let her know what happened. About three weeks later, I received all the results and I was stunned at the incredible improvements in my health. I was so excited that at my next appointment with Jill, I brought copies of the reports for her to see. A real miracle!

Thank you, Jill, for all you have done for me – and as soon as I am in a position to do so I will be following up on more extensive education in BODYTALK."

~ Judith Whitemarsh


"I took the BodyTalk Access course from Jill Kirby. Jill is a vibrant soul who is filled with Light and I have had many wonderful BodyTalk sessions with her . It is difficult to convey in words the profound effect the Access techniques have on me and my life - they are so very transformative!
The effects are cumulative and work on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and I'm finding that life just gets better and better. I have taken many workshops over the years and have found that many give an initial "high" that wears off in a few days or weeks. I continue to do the Access techniques regularly and have found them to be 'the gift(s) that keeps on giving!'
I could go on and on, and cite numerous examples of the many things this has, and continues to do for me. No, I am not paid to give this testimonial, and was not even asked to give it!"  

~ Bernadine Sperling, Victoria, BC

“Recently I was heading to a Body Talk Access Class at Jill’s. Having already taken the Animal Access Class that my dog loves, I was excited to learn the techniques I could do at home for my family and self. En route to the class I was suddenly rear-ended while waiting at a red light. My head was thrown beyond its normal range and hit hard back into the headrest. Obtaining the required info I carried on, somewhat dazed, to Jill’s, pulling over once to do my cortices, and feeling pain and heat beginning to spread out around the back of my head. Within 20-25 minutes from the impact my whole neck area had seized up and I could not turn my head, it felt like I could only move my eyeballs. I just made it to Jill’s, arriving shaky and stressed about how quickly this was setting in.

With quick introductions, Jill began the Fast Aid technique on me for about five minutes and I felt much calmer. I could also begin to turn my head. She followed through with a few advanced techniques (short BodyTalk session), which included addressing the fear that sets in, then I moved to the couch to begin our class. Over the next half an hour as I sat there I continued to improve.

Had I not continued on to BodyTalk after the crash, I would have been in a significantly painful situation for the following days and months. My body and head is still dealing with some symptoms but I am amazed and thankful for what Body Talk (and Jill) did for me that day. I continue to do the Access at home daily, especially when symptoms are present. Much nicer than living on Advil to get through the day! And the fear that many people feel after a collision – I have barely a smidge of it.

I can’t wait for Body Talk to take over the world!"                                                                                                  


~ Lynn Zohner,Victoria, B.C.


"Dear Jill,


I am writing to tell you about a really positive experience I had recently at my doctor's office that I believe is directly related to BodyTalk Access and my monthly BodyTalk sessions with you. My doctor closed his practice and so I had to find a new family physician. Once I did, my new doctor required that I undergo a “complete physical” immediately to give him a “base-line” measurement of my current health. I had a large number of blood and urine tests. I went back a few weeks later to discuss the results with him. My doctor walked into the little room where I was waiting, shook my hand and said: “Congratulations on all your test results. I have between 2000 and 3000 patients and I have never had a patient who had perfect test results on every test. You are the first! You should live to be at least 100 years of age if you keep on the way you are going. Keep up the good work!” I have not, in the past, received such an endorsement from the doctors I've seen. I believe a lot of the credit for this wonderful situation goes to BodyTalk, to the monthly BodyTalk sessions I have with you and the daily “Access” exercises I have been doing for several years now since the “Access” class I took from you. Thank you so much!."


~ Barbara Burns, Victoria, B.C.


"A Body Talk session with Jill, produced a wonderful sense of lightness, and that marvelous ease simply arose from the energy shift within body and mind without my having to search the past for the old demons that had afflicted body, mind and spirit."


~ Anne Forester, Ph.D., Victoria, B.C.

"I feel that BodyTalk is pretty amazing. I was amazed the first time I came to see you and you placed your hands over my chest and it felt as though you were pulling all my emotions to the surface. After my first session I felt more calm and relaxed and mostly focused which was something I hadn't felt in a very long time. I feel that Bodytalk helped me more emotionally than in any other way. But I am a very emotional person and know that my emotions dictate my body and if I am not happy inside, then other problems arise such as headaches and back problems. So to sum things up, I would say that Bodytalk is very helpful and something that I would/and have recommended to my friends and family." 


~ Tammy Moody, Victoria, B.C.

"Thank you, Jill. I felt a lot of relief later in that same afternoon that you did the session. Like an easing off of anxiety in my heart chakra. I've been doing off and on well/challenging since, but am happy to report have had some highlight moments. Been a while since that is how I've felt. I will keep in touch as I am definitely committed to working through this. I love being able to pull through any challenges that come my way and experience growth in the process. Your guidance and help with the sessions along my way have been invaluable. So thank you."


~ D. Jennings

"Many thanks to you for all your help and healing during last summer. I don't think I could have managed my busy life and all the work without your magnificent treatments. My back has not bothered me since then and is totally healed! :) This is a miracle!
I have since quit smoking (hurray!!) for almost 3 months (that's a miracle as well :)"


Vanessa VonSchellwitz, Victoria


I don’t know what it is you are doing, and I don’t need to know, all I know is that I feel great this morning and energized and totally into my work!

Thank you!"


~ Helga Hendricks, Victoria

I still practice BodyTalk Access every day - I am reasonably certain it is the reason I pretty much didn't get sick from the time I took your class, until I arrived here. Had a brief cold the other week - but hard to believe it had been a year since I had a full-on cold. BodyTalk is great!


~J. L.

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