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Had my astrological birth chart read last week. Highly recommended, especially during this present time of strong astrological forces. I feel so much more clarity and grounding on what the heck I'm doing here on this earth and my purpose. If anything, understanding your birth chart creates a road map that you can follow and not take things so darn personally and smooth out some of those bumps along the way.

Thanks Jill Kirby for your wisdom and expertise”   - D.C. , Victoria, BC

What is a BirthChart?

Each moment in time has its own unique signature reflected in the arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and Planets. The Birthchart, also referred to as the Natal Chart, is a pictorial representation of the positions of the Sun, Moon and Planets in relation to each other. The chart is drawn from the perspective of the exact Time, Date, and Geographical Location of your birth.

The chart is drawn as a circle because it is a symbol of wholeness. Each of us is born with a particular planetary configuration. Every parent knows that a child is born with a very definite personality. A good Astrologer empowers clients by helping them to recognize and acknowledge all the disparate parts of themselves and to find ways to accommodate and honour all of those parts.

How can Astrology help you?


  • Discover your inherent abilities, strengths, and talents.

  • Identify limiting beliefs and self-imposed blocks.

  • Gain insight into career potentials, life purpose, and direction.

  • Clarify your relationship capacity and compatibilities.

  • Explore how subconscious inner conflicts may be contributing to life problems and health risks.

  • Examine how planetary patterns reflect the past, present, and future influences in you life.

  • Understand how your choice of geographical location can affect your life experience.

  • and more


Astrology is a symbolic language. It is a study of relationships.  The relationships between the various aspects of self, and between the self and the environment.  Nothing exists in is all about relationships...everything truly is connected in the vast web of life.

Your personal horoscope is a representation of the Planets' positions at the precise time and geographical location of your birth, placing you at the centre. Each Planet symbolizes...learn more 

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do."  ~ J.P. Morgan

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