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Portraits by: Leona Fowler


Outside of my work I find great joy in singing with friends and, for 18 years was in a wonderful vocal ensemble, Soundings


Privileged to live in such an incredibly beautiful place, I take great pleasure in walking and simply experiencing the energy of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds me.


I also enjoy exploring my creativity through drawing, painting and writing.  For many years I primarily drew and painted portraits of people (and a few of pets).


More recently I was inspired to create mandalas, which are, of course, symbols of wholeness.

A mandala is a symbol of wholeness

Your birth chart is your mandala

Here is my artistic interpretation of the mandala that is my birth chart.

Born and raised on the beautiful West Coast of BC, I raised three amazing daughters here (mostly as a single parent) and now have eight fantastic grandchildren. 


My history is not unusual.  I grew up in a fairly typical family with a sister and two brothers.  My father left when I was 13 and that year I missed a great deal of school due to illness.  In hindsight, it is obvious that my father leaving had a huge impact and that the stress of that event (and the years leading up to it) affected me a great deal.  My mother would take me to the doctor, of course, but nobody saw the connection between the outer situation, my emotional state and my physical symptoms.


In 1974, shortly after my eldest daughter was born, I was drawn to take a basic Astrology course at night school.  After that, I began reading and studying everything I could find and also attended many international conferences .  Over the years, I have been privileged to learn from many of the top astrologers around the world.


As a single parent raising three daughters, I found it helpful to have the insights provided by their astrological charts, to better understand them, their needs, talents, emotional natures, etc. (not that it made me a perfect parent, of course!). It did give me a perspective on how different each child was from her siblings and from me, how unique each of us is. It was also extremely helpful in understanding the dynamics of our relationships.


I began doing astrological consultations with clients in 1984 and love doing these sessions as much today as I did when I first began. 


As an Astrologer, my approach has been eclectic and my perspective has been holistic. I have always seen astrology as a tool in the healing process.


In 1979 I studied Reflexology and in 1989-90 I learned Reiki and received attunement as a Reiki Master.  While both are excellent modalities and I still use them in sessions when called for, I continued to search for a totally comprehensive, truly holistic healthcare system. 


I first discovered BodyTalk in May of 2000 and was so impressed and inspired by it, that I took the exams that November and became the first Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in British Columbia. In 2009 I became certified as a BodyTalk Access Trainer, teaching Access classes from 2009-2016. I was a member of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) for 16 yrs.


Reflecting on my childhood experience, realizing how essential the body/mind connection was for health, I had already taken a number of courses of study in psychology and counselling during the 1980s and '90s. My work with BodyTalk and other systems of holistic healing gave me an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the complexity and power of the mind/body connection.


BodyTalk continues to be the core of my healthcare practice because it offers a truly holistic, comprehensive system of energy healing. I particularly appreciate its simplicity, ease, effectiveness and its logical, common sense approach to energy dynamics and holistic healing.

What keeps me excited about my holistic healing work are the incredible results I am privileged to witness with my wonderful clients as well as the constantly evolving understanding of healing and health through my extensive training which has incorporated the wisdom from ancient medical systems such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine as well as the latest information from all the modern sciences.


I find that BodyTalk integrates incredibly well with many other healing modalities I have explored over the years, and I continue to investigate as I evolve in my own healing journey and my expanding ability to help my clients.


In the past several years I have added Spectro-Chrome light therapy and biofield tuning (tuning forks) to my holistic healthcare toobox.  Light and sound, of course,  are both forms of energy with different frequencies so it integrates exceptionally well with the other forms of energy medicine that I use.

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