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Scorpio Full Moon – Light the Watery Depths

The full moon illuminates the darkness.

It occurs when the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun, so with the Sun having just entered Taurus, this month's Full Moon is at the beginning of the opposite sign, Scorpio.

Each sign has many layers of meaning and signs that oppose one another reflect some similarities. As with a mirror image, though, what I see in the mirror is not how I actually appear to others, as the image is reversed.

One of the things these two fixed signs have in common, other than stubbornness, is money.

For Taurus, money generally represents material security, comfort and the ability to buy nice things that appeal to the sensual nature. As an Earth sign, its orientation is primarily towards the material, physical world.

Scorpio is a Water sign, so its orientation is primarily emotional. There is a deep emotional intensity with this sign. Comfort is not so important to them as they would rather feel intensely uncomfortable than to feel nothing at all. When it comes to money, Scorpio's interest has more to do with power and control as a means of feeling greater emotional security.

One way to understand the meaning of a sign is to look at its 'ruling' planet...the planet whose energy is most in alignment with the characteristics of the sign.

The planetary ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, the Roman 'god of the underworld' and Scorpio understands that keeping things hidden or secret (underground) gives them more power. Pluto is the root of plutocracy as well as plutonium, so that is the kind of power that resonates with this intense water sign.

Pluto was discovered February 18th 1930, shortly after the stock market crash of '29, so we can see an association with the power of money.

Prior to Pluto's discovery, Mars was considered the ruler of Scorpio and many astrologers still consider it a secondary ruler.

With this n mind, it is very interesting that Mars has just turned retrograde a few days before this Scorpio Full Moon and will backtrack from its current place in Sagittarius into Scorpio again before turning direct again. I wrote an earlier post about the Mars retrograde.

In addition, this is also the first Full Moon following the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of March, all of which seems to highlight the significance of this Full Moon, further intensifying the energy. The New Moon Eclipse in March was a Total Solar Eclipse and I wrote an earlier blog post exploring its significance.

Of course, those who will feel the impact of this Full Moon most powerfully will be those who have natal planet placements in the early degrees of Scorpio and Taurus (as well as the two other fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius).

As with any planetary transit, each of us experiences the energy in resonance with our own inherent energies, represented by the complex planetary patterns of our birth chart.

Mercury is currently in Taurus and will retrograde in that sign, beginning April 28th. Mars will have just backed into Scorpio when Mercury turns direct in late May and Mercury will then oppose Mars on June 9th.

Taurus is the earthiest of the Earth signs, so not surprising that this time of year was chosen for Earth Day. Now Mercury is going to be in that sign for an extended period as it retrogrades there......seemingly the universe wants us to pay even more attention to Gaia right now.

This is not unrelated to the Scorpio Full Moon as the power of corporate money seems to have a great deal to do with the continuing pollution of our beautiful planet. I expect there will be increasing calls to action not only to get money out of politics, but to see to it that the corporate wealth be used to clean up the environment.

Several of my earlier blog posts have focused attention on the current US election because it is such an extraordinary election with two of the major candidates not previously members of the respective parties for which they seek the nomination, one of whom has absolutely no previous experience in government. As well, one of the candidates favoured to win is currently under investigation by the FBI. An extraordinary set of circumstances, to be sure!

This Scorpio Full Moon is right over Hillary Clinton's natal Sun and both the Mars and Mercury retrogrades seem to be signalling that the heat is going to be turned up dramatically in the current investigation into her emails and she is going to be asked some deeply probing questions over the next month or so. I believe we are going to hear a great deal more about all of it before the Democratic Convention rolls around at the end of July.

I feel that the results of this election will impact not only the States, but the entire planet which is why I have been so interested in the Astrology surrounding it in previous posts.

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