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  • specific issues or areas of your life you wish to explore and understand in greater depth


  • specific current events that seem to be overwhelming or inexplicable.


  • everyone needs a yearly checkup! What influences you now and in the year ahead?


  • planning an event - when might be the best time and what might you expect?


  • understanding your relationship with your child, friend, spouse or business partner - any relationship!


  • planning to travel or relocate? Astro*Carto*Graphy can help you to find the most suitable places.


  • "just curious" about Astrology and what it can tell you?  Though you may not know why you have come for a session until you are here, in my experience, there is always a reason for the timing!


Astrology is a symbolic language. It is a study of relationships.  The relationships between the various aspects of self, and between the self and the environment.  Nothing exists in is all about relationships...everything truly is connected in the vast web of life.


Your personal horoscope is a representation of the Planets' positions at the precise time and geographical location of your birth, placing you at the centre. Each Planet symbolizes a particular psychological drive or energy. How the Planets are aligned with one another indicates the interrelationship of the various psychological functions within you. The Planets' Zodiacal Sign and House placements within the chart indicate how and where these energies seek expression. While each of us possesses all of the drives and energies represented by the Planets, we all have our unique ways and means of expressing them.


This is depicted in your horoscope.


The patterns created by the Planets (and the Sun and Moon) represent the structure of the mind. Each of them symbolizes a particular psychological function; Moon, emotional nature; Mercury, intellect; Venus, capacity for intimacy, etc.

In order to understand how each of these Planets operates, it must be seen in the context of a Sign and House placement.

The Signs provide descriptions of certain characteristics and qualities, while the Houses describe arenas of Life Experience.

Put very simply, the Planets describe the What, the Signs the How and Why, and the Houses Where the energies will be felt and expressed. As with each person, each Birthchart is unique. While each chart contains the same components, those components take on an infinite variety of arrangements.

A Birthchart is like a blueprint, a map. It describes your inherent personality traits and the lens through which you perceive your reality.


A map is only helpful if you know how to read it....

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do." ~ J.P. Morgan

Everyone has a birth chart....even the Queen!


In Queen Elizabeth's natal chart her sense of duty is a strong feature, seen in her Capricorn Ascendant and its ruler, Saturn conjunct her Midheaven. 


The Ascendant (or rising sign) describes the outer personality, how one meets the world.


The Midheaven is the line with the arrow pointing at the top of the chart and indicates the role we play in society, our career.


From the Queen's ruler, Saturn, on her Midheaven we can see that she takes her role as Monarch very seriously.  This is what the world sees, but, like everyone, the Queen has many other sides to her which can be seen in her chart in the many other factors in her chart.



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