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The lymph system is twice as large as the blood circulatory system by volume. It transports the body’s waste from the tissues, into the circulation to be eliminated by the kidneys and bowel. It also transports some hormones and nutritional factors.


In many people the lymph system has become dangerously sluggish and it needs to be ‘springcleaned.’ Very often the lymph ducts become blocked and the lymph just accumulates in the tissues. This means that the waste products are not eliminated from the cells effectively and the cells will start malfunctioning. This will also set up a breeding ground for infection and local decay of the cells.


This is particularly important in women in the pelvis. When the lymphatic system becomes sluggish, the circulation of estrogen is impaired and the reproductive system does not drain properly. Common symptoms are pelvic congestion and endometriosis, ovarian cysts and ovarian malfunction, period pain, irregular and abnormal periods, the formation of adhesions around the uterus that can lead to painful sex and bowel irritations.


When the lymphatic drainage of the diaphragm is impaired, the lungs and heart will drain poorly leading to chronic lung weaknesses and congestion of the heart.


Once the major lymph ducts have become impaired, the whole lymphatic system is compromised and circulation throughout the body is reduced and sluggish. Fluid accumulates and the health deteriorates.


I learned a very effective Lymphatic drainage protocol during my training and when it is combined with regular healing sessions, the results can be dramatic.


You can help your own lymphatic system by encouraging its circulation. The method is to regularly use a rebound trampoline. By regularly running on one of those mini trampolines for five minutes a day, you actively encourage the movement of lymph through the system and can have some great results.

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