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Daily Sessions for only $28!!


4 weeks of daily sessions

Valued at $800 if purchased separately!

For $28, you will receive a group distance session every weekday for 4 weeks in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to be!


You can start welcoming wellness today!


I will facilitate these daily Wellness sessions remotely every weekday as you relax in your home or carry on about your day experiencing the many benefits with ease and comfort.

$28   Individual - 4 weeks

$75   Individual - 12 weeks

$280 Individual - one full year

$50   Household - 2 Individuals - 4 weeks

$100 Household - All Individuals - 4 weeks




Pets, babies and children all love receiving Wellness sessions, too!

Potential Benefits of Daily Sessions

  • reduce stress levels

  • improve stress management

  • better thinking ability, memory, concentration

  • better overall brain functioning

  • optimize cellular hydration

  • greater efficiency of physiological processes

  • strengthen immune function

  • release toxins

  • reduce sensitivities and intolerances

  • reduce pain

  • improve coordination and muscle tone

  • increase balance and flexibility

  • improve digestion and elimination

  • improve endocrine function

  • better circulation & nervous system function

  • better spinal/postural alignment

  • greater alignment within self

  • increase joy, inner peace, sense of wellbeing


  .....and more!

At the beginning of each Daily Wellness Session I set the intention for each individual in the group to welcome your body, mind and spirit to come into alignment with your essential Self and a greater sense of wellbeing, so that you can experience greater joy, peace and abundance in your life.


BodyTalk is the perfect system to use in this process because it is totally safe, incredibly effective and also self-regulating.  As a result, each of you receives only what is a priority for you.


Please contact me directly if you have any questions about these daily group sessions.

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